Introducing Coda Signature Chocolates!

Your new favorite edible has arrived!

Your new favorite edible has arrived!

Luscious, heavenly, exquisite, sumptuous, delightful, transcendent, superb, divine! We could go on and on about Coda Signature luxury infused chocolate bars, but in the interest of time let’s just say they’re perfect in every way.

And that’s not just our taste buds talking. Coda Signature bars rank number one in infused chocolate sales in Colorado and have been in the top three of best-selling edibles in the U.S. Now that they’re available in California, can the best-selling edible in the galaxy be far behind?

(Fun Fact: Coda Signature chocolates were featured in the swanky gift bags given to 2019 Academy Awards nominees!)

Coda Signature is consistently awarded for its industry-leading standards and bold, innovative flavor combinations. The cacao is ethically sourced from family farms in South America, lovingly paired with the highest quality natural ingredients and gently infused with just 5 mg THC per serving, making for a gourmet chocolate experience like no other.

Seriously, check out these flavors…

Coffee & Doughnuts
Creamy milk chocolate joins robust coffee and toasted milk, finished with a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Cream & Crumble
Milky white chocolate blends with tart sour cream and lemon, speckled with spiced crumble.

Caramel & Corn
Deeply caramelized white chocolate embraces sweet, popped corn, and finishes with a dash of sea salt.

Salt & Nibs
80% dark chocolate bar is studded with pink Himalayan salt crystals and topped with honey caramelized cacao nibs.

Society Jane is among the first retailers in California to carry Coda Signature, and you simply must try them before anyone else! So we're offering you a special introductory price of just $16 per 2.4 oz. bar. (That's $8 off the regular price, for all you math fans out there!) Offer good on all flavors in stock, but only until 10/16/19. So hurry!

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