Society Jane is the fever dream of Sharon Krinsky, an advertising industry veteran with too much time on her hands. After 20+ years of making ads for some of the largest consumer brands in the world, Sharon set her sights on the brave new world of legal cannabis. Sharon studied Journalism at the University of Rhode Island and is a recent graduate of Oaksterdam University, the Oakland, CA cannabis college that the Washington Post called, “the Harvard Business School of marijuana.” Her husband and sons think she’s crazy, but they love her anyway.

Andy Greenberg was no stranger to cannabis, having attended more than 150 Grateful Dead concerts and countless other live shows over many years. Yet it wasn’t until one of her sons was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease that she started to research the medical uses of cannabis. What she found was a universe of therapeutic applications. When her friend Sharon began talking about starting a medical cannabis collective specifically for women, Andy saw the wisdom in educating women about the unique and powerful benefits of cannabis. A Minnesota native and attorney, Andy has been practicing law in California since 1988. Her family is incredibly supportive of Society Jane.