Aw, shucks…we’re blushing!

Where were you all my life, Society Jane? You nailed it! Trustworthy, helpful, healing and fun products. You’re making women’s lives better during these crazy times we’re living in.
— Mom of four, Marin County
Finally, someone who ‘gets’ women & cannabis and knows exactly what we need. Why would I ever go to a dispensary again?!
— Elisa, San Francisco
I love the ease of use and the concierge services, including all the information I receive about the products I purchase.
— Emilia, San Francisco
Society Jane was so helpful when I was recovering from shoulder surgery. Their products were top-notch and allowed me to avoid taking opioids prescribed by my surgeon. Forever grateful to the lovely angels of mercy who came by, explained everything clearly and directed me to products that helped immensely with my recovery. XO!
— Karen, San Francisco
Beautifully curated products, convenient, discreet delivery, and sisterhood. What more could a girl ask for?
— Stephanie, San Francisco
I have purchased products from Society Jane as gifts for my friends and family, and I have to admit, they’re always a hit!
— Emilia, San Francisco
After conducting a bit of my own own research in addition to what I have learned from Society Jane’s staff, I feel confident that they are primarily concerned with carrying only the cleanest, tastiest and healthiest line of products. I am particularly impressed with their always speedy responses to my requests for product recommendations.
— Alan, San Francisco
The packaging was very impressive and loved the handwritten card. A nice special touch.
— Susi, East Bay
It’s a whole different world from The Sixties! I discovered the post card on my windshield and proceeded to give it a try. WOW, professional to say the least! Amazing products, impeccably presented and....delivered! Lucky me!
— Devoted Fan, San Francisco
Society Jane provides subtle, friendly, yet all business delivery service. I love the Releaf Soak by Papa & Barkley especially and look forward to trying additional pain-relieving products.
— HC, San Francisco
When I had major Orthopedic surgery in August, I didn’t want to stay on Opiods longer than 2 weeks and Advil messes up my stomach. My recovery involved torturous PT and pain inducing exercises at home in order to gain back my range of motion.

So after a discussion with Sharon at Society Jane, she brought me a (mostly CBD) Relief tincture which allowed me to exercise through the pain. I also had pain in the middle of the night so I called her back the next day and she brought me a different tincture to help me sleep at night. It was like having a personal pharmacist during my recovery.

Thank you Society Jane for catering to my situation. Your role in my healing team has been invaluable.
— Karen, San Francisco
When it was suggested that we try CBD for our newly adopted boxer Ava, there was only one place we thought of: Society Jane. There is such a confusing array of cbd products and dispensaries out there, both for pets and people. Society Jane came highly recommended by a trusted friend, so it was an easy decision. We’ve been very pleased with their recommendation of VET•CBD. It’s made a big difference in Ava’s surgical recuperation and overall demeanor.

Society Jane is easy to order from, very responsive, knows their stuff, delivers in a timely, unobtrusive manner and is overall a pleasure to deal with. Plus the thank you notes and cute packaging are a nice extra touch. Thanks Society Jane!
— Amy, Marin County
Society Jane has revolutionized access for women and brought a refined aesthetic to the entire experience. From their website, to direct response, to packaging, to product, the entire experience has a thoughtful curation. As a therapist working with women suffering from anxiety, I do not hesitate to recommend Society Jane as a supportive company.
— Devoted Fan, San Francisco